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For the last two months or so I have been setting up Myles From Home. I wanted to try something new (to me) that combines my interests and gives me an opportunity to learn. So far, all these points have been addressed, and I have to say I'm loving it! The process has seen me develop new skills in building a website, dealing with wholesalers, upping my understanding of accounts and money (work in progress…) as well as giving me the perfect, legitimate reason to do my favourite past time without risking divorce: sourcing beautiful, well designed and usable home and hardware. 

But does the world need another online home / hardware store? Well, maybe not: but it does give me the opportunity to create the store I would want to buy from. All too often I order a product from one of the major players, and find the customer service is severely lacking, or the quality of the product when it arrives it's just not as described. The sites feel ubiquitous and overly commercial. I want Myles From Home to remain small enough that I can know all the products I sell because I, or someone close to me, uses them on a daily basis. 

This is how I came to choose the products I am using to launch the site. They're all things I either already own, have owned or really, really want to own. 

I'm so excited to be selling Falcon Enamelware, because, in all honesty I love it! We use the plates, mugs, teapot, cookware and bowls as part of our everyday kitchenware - it's so durable and practical, but with an understated beauty and classic form. (In the coming weeks I'll blog about some of the recipes we make using the cook / bakeware.) What I don't have (yet) is anything in the pigeon grey. It looks sensational - sophisticated, sleek and quite masculine. I'll be selling mugs and teapots in this colour way - so it maybe that some finds its way into the kitchen dresser - as long as I can sneak it past the husband! 

I'll also be selling some fantastic wool items by Tweedmill Textiles - throws, rugs and weekender travel bags. These are classic but sexy and I'm certain they'll be a hit. 

Magpie define themselves as designing ranges with a distinctly British edge. The products I'll be selling from their designers are quirky, a little bit eccentric but practical and top quality. I love the denim aprons they've supplied: my Mum has already earmarked one for Dad's birthday present ('though I think it may be a bit late in the day to teach him to be less messy when cooking). 

So now the task of adding all the products to the website so they can go on sale. Keep the faith: it's going to be worth the wait! 


Here's our Falcon plates making an appearance at breakfast last weekend.


And again at supper time - Ginger and treacle steam pudding with cookie dough ice - cream (Ok - I bought the ice cream!)





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