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By our resident blogger: fashion, beauty and lifestyle editor Charlie Bell 

Happy hour is here!

2020 has definitely been the year of staying in-in and as much as we miss the buzz of a busy pub, we’re enjoying the opportunity to create a chic little bar space at home, without having to fight our way through the crowds in order to catch the bartender’s eye so he serves us next. Those were the days, hey?

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, there’s no better time to practice your cocktail skills and spruce up your living space to rival your favourite local. A home bar can make any space look glamorous and it’s guaranteed to impress your friends and family when entertaining.

If you’re looking to add a stylish drinks station to your living space, we have loads of products at Myles From Home to get you started. Whether you’re looking to transform your kitchen counter or wheel out a vintage-style bar cart, we can help you make that happen.


Go vintage

From chic cabinets to side tables, there’s plenty of ways you can display your drinks. A decadent drinks trolley is perfect if you’re short on space as you can just roll it out when necessary – and it saves you from getting up and heading to the kitchen for your top ups. Make it a statement piece, and place in your dining or living room all-year round for an elegant art-deco feel. As you know, we love vintage pieces here at Myles from Home and we have some gorgeous display cabinets that would make a sophisticated home for your booze. This Vintage Blue Cabinet, £495, will make a stunning addition and help showcase your tipple in a unique way. For smaller spaces, we have this Vintage Blue Square Cabinet, £310, too. The space on the top allows you to display swanky cocktail glasses, decanters and ornaments.


Lights out

We’ve been to many dimly lit bars to know that lighting makes a huge difference to the atmosphere of a place. And we all remember the horrors of staying in a nightclub 'til the bitter end when they switch on the ‘big lights’. A real mood-killer! Once you’ve picked your spot, invest in some low-lighting such as a dimmer or a table lamp. Candles not only give off some classy lighting but add a good focal point too. We love these Morri Tea Lights, £7, perfect for a warm glow and reminds us of a Peckham-style basement bar. For a tropical vibe and a striking statement piece, add this Gold Palm Tree Candlestick, £14. Club Tropicana, drinks are free after all! The gold finish adds a luxe touch and it can be paired with some of our ornamental plants for that summer holiday feeling.

If you’re missing that theatre bar buzz, we have this cool Box Office Light Box, £52 which would add a dramatic touch to your wall or side table.


Playful finishes

Whether you’re going for that posh cocktail bar aesthetic or dive bars are more your thing (no judgement here!), it’s all about the final touches to give your home bar a bit of personality. This Letter Board, £8.50 will add a fun finish. You can give your bar a name, write out a menu or simply display a quirky message for your guests – Let the fun be-GIN or I’ll be there in a Prosecco. All puns welcome!

Get the party started with our Frida Kahlo Tequilla Slammer Set, £15. A set of 4 shot glasses and a salt shaker, it’s one of our bestsellers and makes a great gift for a party-loving pal too. Our Phrenology and Palmistry Coasters, £7 for 6 are the perfect way to protect your bar from unsightly rings, and you can finish off that Victorian fairground theme and team up with our Strong Man Bottle Opener, £6.50

Gin is so on trend right now and we have this beautiful G&T Print, £15, packed with info on how gin is made, tips on making the perfect G&T plus seven gin-based cocktail recipes. A must-have for any gin-lover. If cocktails are your thing, we also have this Classic Cocktails Tea Towel, £11, too. Practical and stylish!


As the nights draw in, staying at home is a lot more appealing than battling with the elements outside. Whether you’re sipping on some mulled wine from the comfort of your sofa or entertaining guests, creating a home bar is easy, fun and you can turn up in your pyjamas, which is often frowned upon when going down the pub!

A big cheers to all our Myles From Home shoppers, we hope you’ve enjoyed our tips and have fun raising a glass in your new bar space.


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