Embracing Learning In The Lockdown

We’re all working, socialising and entertaining ourselves and our families in different ways at the moment. For us, we find that whilst we can easily fill the evenings with cooking dinner and drinking wine (with the occasional episode of The Chase and various Netflix binge watches), it’s our days that have had the most dramatic changes. It’s been so strange not to be in the shop 5 days a week, and with that comes not seeing and engaging face to face with our customers.  Since opening, we’ve really loved meeting the community and talking about the products they buy.  Discussing where they’ll go in their home, talking about the different scents of the candles, which are people’s favourite cushions etc.  We really enjoy the chat and we’ve really been missing it.

But like so many other businesses, we’ve been focusing on our online store.  And with that, we’ve discovered aspects of it that we’ve really loved.  It’s been so great to get photos sent to us afterwards showing us the products in their new homes. 

Products from www.mylesfromhome.co.uk

We’ve really enjoyed talking to customers on Instagram, Facebook or email.  Hearing about how they’re dealing with lockdown, what treats they’ve bought for themselves to cheer up their homes, what gifts they’ve bought for friends to cheer them up.

One of our favourite stories was from a couple who come in the shop regularly, and they bought about 7 sets of Bay and Rosemary candles which we delivered to their friends in the area who they are missing.  They wanted to send candles as it signifies the light at the end of the tunnel.

The stories have been really touching and for us embracing the online world, we’ve realised how it can be just as personal, but in a slightly rethought way!

We hope you're all doing well, and keeping safe and healthy.

Myles & Daniel xx

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