Fried Chicken In The Garden!

fried chicken recipe garden

One of the great things we’ve been enjoying about lockdown is the cooking! There’s been a lot of using up leftovers, experimenting with new ideas or ingredients and a fair amount of throwing a combination of any non-mouldy food items from the fridge into a saucepan in the hope that it transpires into a culinary masterpiece. Or something vaguely edible. The results have been a mixed bag to be fair.

One meal that we particularly enjoyed was our fried chicken extravaganza! Now this wasn’t just any old fried chicken, and the evening didn’t quite pan out as planned. We started with step 1 (dry brining the chicken [salting for those, like us, who didn’t know]) at 5pm. And, due to Daniel not reading the recipe properly before starting, we finally sat down to eat at… 10.30pm!

But surprisingly it wasn’t just the end result that we enjoyed though. It was taking the time to do it with no other pressures. It actually didn’t matter that we ate so late (thanks to Gaviscon). It was a just fun to take the time. And the final result of sitting down in the garden to eat so late in the evening was actually a lovely surprise too. It was great to sit down and enjoy an early summer evening with good food and a good beer too!

Garden setting for late night fried chicken!

If you fancy the fried chicken and have 5 hours going free, here’s the recipe we used. [Daniel's critique for next time - um, if there is a next time - is for a little less smoked paprika but more oregano, thyme and basil.]

Oh and please take our main bit of advice: start the process at 2pm!

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