How to make your home so cosy you’ll never want to leave

By our resident blogger: fashion, beauty and lifestyle editor Charlie Bell 

Velvet Cushions from Myles From Home

Time to settle in for the night

Thanks to the drop in temperature and the slightly depressing fact it is dark at 4pm, we have gone straight into hibernation mode here at  and honestly, we couldn’t recommend it enough.

There’s nothing better than cocooning yourself in the comfort of your own home with a glass of red wine and a Netflix series you finally have the time to settle down and watch.

We know factors such as renting accommodation or being on a tight budget can make creating that homely feel a little more difficult, but we have some great tips and tricks – and of course, products – to help you create a relaxing and warm living environment without having to re-paint the walls or get out your DIY kit.


Play with textures

Rugs, cushions and blankets all create warmth and texture to a room as well as giving us something suitably stylish to look at too. Fabrics such as velvet have that winter-feel so our Palm Monkey Velvet Cushion, £48, would add some snugness to your sofa. With its rich touch-me texture and striking monkey design, it oozes opulence, adding a grandeur feel to the smallest of rooms. Mix with our Green Palms Large Velvet Cushion, £72 and our Terracotta Jungle Velvet Cushion, £72, and those tropical patterns will help transport you to warmer climes. The deep rich colours work well against wooden furniture.

We also have this Cottage Pink Check Wool Throw, £59, which can be draped over the sofa, bed or armchair. The warm autumnal shades will add colour as well as comfort. These throws come in an array of different colours and prints, the Diagonal Stripe Throw in Rosewood has a deep burgundy hue that is giving us some cosy mulled wine vibes.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match textures too. More is more so pile up the velvet cushions and knitted throws on the sofa and we promise it will look incredibly inviting. Even if it does mean you’re constantly having to readjust the cushion display…


Set the ambience

Okay we admit there are a few advantages to this whole getting dark at 4pm malarky. It gives us full reign in the lighting department and we have one golden rule – never put the big light on. There’s nothing cosy about having brash lighting. Instead opt for dim lamps, Christmas tree lights and soft candles. Try placing a table lamp in a dark corner to create a cute little reading nook. Our Antique Brass Hippo Lamp, £90, is like no other and will make a playful and stylish touch. And while you’re at it, how about our adorable little Snail Bookmark, £9 too? A charming gift for a bookworm.

Candles also add soft light and when scented, their fragrance makes a home feel welcoming the moment you step foot in the door. We have an array of scented candles from Cornwall brand St. Eval, including Lavender, Sandalwood, Fig and Sea Salt for £11 each. We also have a gorgeous Inspiritus scent, infused with nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves and the Burning Soul Frankincense & Myrrh Candle, £22. A very fitting aroma for this time of year and these will both make your home feel all cosy and Christmassy.


Bring in colour

If you’ve read our blog post on looking after your house plants then you already know that plants can breathe life into a room. They also make a home look incredibly friendly whilst the burst of colour adds warmth to sparse spaces. Place some fancy foliage on a stark shelf, empty table or in front of a bare wall and you’ll get that homely feel in an instant. Can’t handle the upkeep? We have plenty of faux house plants that are just as effective, minus the effort. We’d recommend opting for a tropical plant such as our Faux Succulent in Terracotta Pot, £13. The pot makes it easy to plonk anywhere. Plain walls can benefit from a hanging plant such as our Faux Potted Hanging Grass, £22 Brightening up a space has never been so easy.


We hope you have seen something you like and are feeling suitably snug after reading our tips. It feels like it might be the perfect time to pop the kettle on if you ask us. We might even switch on Muppet’s Christmas Carol…Merry Christmas everyone!

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