How to master the art of tablescaping

By our resident blogger: fashion, beauty and lifestyle editor Charlie Bell  

Make dinner the main event

Christmas is the time for eating, drinking and being merry so if you’re planning on having your loved ones gathered around the table this festive season now’s the time to give your tableware a decorative upgrade.

Tablescaping – that’s the art of setting a table – has become a huge trend this past year with people taking to Instagram to show off their fancy dinner settings. From pretty napkins to elaborate centrepieces, wowing guests with a beautifully laid table has become almost as important as the food itself.

We have plenty of Insta-worthy products at Myles from Home to help you create the ultimate dinner setting so if you want to impress your guests this Christmas with your artistic skills, we’re here to show you how.


Pick a colour scheme

Firstly, you’ll need to choose your theme. When it comes to colours, it’s best to stick to two shades or three max that all work well together. Consider combinations such as pastel pink and green, festive red and gold or chic blue and white. As long as you don’t introduce too many different colours, you are free to choose whatever suits your personal taste.

You can introduce colour through your tablecloth, napkins, crockery or a centrepiece. Coloured glass is having a moment and you can tap into the trend with our Fali Tumbler in Teal, £30 for four and our Fali Wine Glass in Amber, £37 for four. They look fabulous teamed with the Phrenology & Palmistry Coaster Set, £7 for a vintage finish. You’ll want to place a wine glass alongside a water glass so don’t be afraid to mix and match. Layering is a key element to tablescaping so make sure you use coasters and placemats as well as a tablecloth to really elevate the look.

Choose your centrepiece

Flowers are an obvious choice for your table centrepiece and are always aesthetically pleasing. We have plenty of stylish vases to help display your blooms. Our architectural Bennu Aged Zine Vase, £45 is simple yet effective and comes in a variation of sizes. Tall displays will help add depth to your table so try a collection of vases ranging from small to large for an effective statement setting.

For something a bit more quirky, how about our delightful Ceramic Pink Flamingo Head Vase (Large), £34? She’s eye-catching enough on her own but add a bunch of large hydrangea blooms if you want a more dramatic effect.

As well as flowers, candles make stunning table centrepieces as they help create some mood lighting too. Our Bird and Flowers Whimsical Candle Holder, £45 is a real statement piece and the red colour will work seamlessly with any festive settings you have planned. It’s crafted from steel and features flower detailing and a small bird perched on a branch. Let it take centre stage and pair with white crockery and gold flourishes. Our Glorious Phoenix Candle Holder, £140 will also make a showstopping addition to your dinner table. Minimal table-styling is needed with this one. We would advise pairing it with neutral colours for an elegant setting that still has character.

For smaller tables, we’re always drawn to something quirky and this Gold and Black Banana Candle Holder, £18 works like a charm. The black and gold colourway keeps it looking glamorous too.


Don’t forget the details

Simple changes can really make the difference. Asides from the essentials – your crockery and utensils – it’s also worth thinking about those small finishing touches that really up the ante. Think homemade name cards for that personal touch, or make your own crackers if you’re keeping it festive. Lighting also plays an important part so as well as candles you may want to consider draping some fairy lights around the centre of your table.

You’ll need to think about the basics too. White plates work with most settings and will keep it clean, rather than cluttered. If you’re going for a darker colour scheme however, they could look too stark so consider a softer grey or a metallic plate or even black.

Items such as water jugs and decanters are not only a practical addition to the table but they can add to the display too. Our Karuma Ceramic Jug, £20 has a simple yet striking design that will add interest without being too overpowering.


We hope you have found some inspiration to kick start your artistic dinner displays. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram in your snaps.

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