How to transform your home with indoor plants

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By fashion, beauty and lifestyle editor Charlie Bell 

They boost your mood and your living space

Our obsession with houseplants shows no signs of fading anytime soon. Much like our obsession with watching Selling Sunset on Netflix (We love you Christine). Plants are perfect for elevating any room whilst boosting our mental wellbeing too. And seeing as lockdown has seen us spending long periods at home, there’s no better time to invest in a statement plant to give those same four walls a brand-new green-fingered feel.

If you’re a new plant parent or thinking of becoming one, we’ve got the lowdown on how to make the most of your greenery. Hello indoor oasis!

Choose wisely

With so many varieties of plants to choose from, it can feel a little overwhelming. If you’re new to plants (or just a little forgetful), there are plenty of low-maintenance options that need minimal upkeep. Cacti and succulents need very little watering and as long as they are getting plenty of natural light, they can handle a little neglect. Peace Lilies are also super easy to take care of as they let us know when they need watering by wilting. Once watered, they will spring back to life.

Pet owners also need to be careful when picking their greenery. Some plants, such as the trendy Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese plant), are poisonous to cats and dogs so if you have a furry friend then opt for a Chlorophytum (Spider plant) instead which is non-toxic to animals.

For the ultimate lazy buy, why not try a faux plant? They’re not as naff and plastic-looking as they once were and will still give your room a boost of colour, without all the hassle. We’ve got some gorgeous realistic-looking ones at Myles From Home. The Faux Potted Small Spider Plant/Succulent, £9.50 looks like a cluster of spider plants and comes in a smart terracotta pot, ready to slot into any space. We also have a Faux Potted Fern, £23, guaranteed to give you years of love, without the fear of overwatering (the number one killer of house plants!). Or for the ultimate bold statement, the Dusky Green Echeveria, £92 will become a great focal point, freshening up any dark corner.

Pick your spot

You may need to do a bit of reshuffling depending on how your greenery gets on in its surroundings. Most plants need natural, indirect sunlight but you can snap up some that can handle the shade. For low-lit hallways and corners, the Cast Iron plant is as hardy as the name suggests and can handle low-light. The Golden Pothos (Devil’s Ivy) is a great trailing plant for shelves in the shade and the Pinstripe Calathea has eye-catching pink striped leaves, perfect for lifting up dark spaces.

Being surrounded in nature is proven to reduce stress so why not up your bath game and turn your bathroom into a mini oasis for the ultimate pampering sesh? Ferns, orchids and tropical plants love humidity so will flourish in the bathroom as long as there is enough natural light coming in.

When it comes to nodding off, there are some plants that are perfect for placing in the bedroom. The Peace Lily is renowned for its air-purifying qualities so is an excellent choice for the bedroom. For a better night’s sleep, pop a Sansevieria (Snake plant) by your bed. They release oxygen at night, helping you breathe easier.

Add more character

Even the smallest of plants has the ability to make your room Insta-worthy so once you’ve picked your plant, it’s time to show it off in style with a snazzy pot.

We have an array of super stylish planters at Myles From Home for your leafy friend. Make sure you pick a pot a little bigger than your plant’s current pot so it has room to grow.

Face vases are bang on trend and the Mrs Edelman Pot, £14 will add a stylish and contemporary finish to your plant. Short on space? Our Ceramic Dalmatian Head Wall Sconce Vase, £25 fits neatly on the wall and is a must-have for any dog lovers. That’s all of us right? Our Cement Black or Gold Dip Planters, £10, make great gifts when paired with a cute succulent, and will give any space a cool urban feel too.

Now you’re all clued-up on making the most of your new inhabitants we hope you enjoy being plant parents. We love seeing your snaps so please do tag us on Instagram @myesfromhome_uk so we can check out how you’ve homed our planters and faux foliage.

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