My Own Top 5 Products from the store.

The store has been up and running for a couple of months now, and various studies of the analytics pages tell me what’s hot and what’s not. There are clear winners - items being posted out daily to all corners of the country (and world: we had our first international order for La Jolla, CA this week!) but I thought I’d give you my own top 5 - the items I have purchased myself from myself, that I now wonder what I did without before…

At number 5 is the Falcon Enamelware Bake Set It’s a bit of a cheat entry, as I’ve been using Falcon Enamelware for a few years. I find it versatile (stove top / oven to table / dishwasher proof ) and it's incredibly robust. I also like the range of sizes in the bakeware set. I’ll be honest: it doesn’t clean itself. Sometimes you need a bit of elbow grease with a scourer, just as you would with any bakeware, but the results are brilliant and the products retain their nostalgic country- kitchen - come- camping- by- the- sea  air time after time. I also have the dinner plates - again, robust, practical with an aesthetic yet industrial edge. 

Falcon Enamelware being used in the home


At number 4 are the Random All Wool Picnic Rugs. We have one in each dog basket, and they come with us in the car when the boys are with us on longer journeys. These make a visual feature of a must-have item - the boys are cosy and comfy and totally en-trend when tucked up asleep!

Picnic blankets double as dog blankets!


In at 3 are the 250ml Science Flask Set of 3. I love the feeling of nostalgia they evoke, which is odd as I hated science! Maybe it’s the fact they feel as if they are being re-purposed for something aesthetic and, to my mind, useful! I use them as vases for small posies, for oil and vinegar at dinners and just as display items in a vintage medicine display cabinet. I also plan to use them to serve dinner guests individual portions of port or whisky as after dinner drinks - but this is yet to happen…watch out for your invite!

Set of 3 Lab Flasks (250ml) displaying various flora


A new entry at number 2 - The Reclaimed Candlesticks. They only arrived this week, but I totally ❤️ them.  Their warm, spicy colouring and simple, strong design make me really  excited for winter so I can display them on my hearth. I love the reclaimed items in general - they each have their own story and already have a history that we’ll never fully know. 

Reclaimed Candlesticks


And at number 1. (Drum roll. . .) It has to be the Bee Mug. I’ve used mine religiously everyday since I got it. I even wash it when the dishwasher hasn’t done a cycle,which is very odd behaviour. I am really strange about mugs (don’t judge me) and they have to be white inside and china. I also like them to hold enough coffee to wake me up, but not feel like a bucket or one of those hideous ‘Sports Direct’ mugs I’ve seen banging about staff rooms. The Bee Mug ( and its brothers and sisters in the same range) tick all these boxes. I have to say, I’m not alone - the Bee has won the hearts of the public, as this item is also the best seller over all!

The Bee Mug. A clear winner and firm favourite!


So there you are! Not just products, but items in my own home. Why else would you set up a homeware store - there have to be some perks, right?

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  • Very much looking forward to being served an individual portion of port.

    • Daisy