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Rainbow Door Mat, Happy Cushion, Star Door Mat nad Rainbow Cushion from Myles From Home shop UK

The lockdown is affecting us all differently, but we really hope you are finding moments of calm and enjoying being in your homes. It's really tough being apart from loved ones, and although FaceTime and Zoom are amazing and are keeping us connected, nothing substitutes the real chink of a glass as we offer a 'cheers', the experience of sharing a meal that someone has made especially for us or the feeling of security and comfort found in a welcome or goodbye hug. For us, we really miss the shop, as you will know from our regular comments if you follow us on Instagram, but we are the lucky ones – we can carry on offering our services online, and thanks to an army of couriers and delivery workers who are still out there, we can still bring you the products you love to brighten up your interiors and give you a little extra cheer. It’s amazing how one small item or change can add new energy to a space, create a new aesthetic to enjoy and revitalise you and your approach to staying at home.

We love the new wall art we’ve started stocking. Made by our friends at Bombay Duck, THIS IS MY HAPPY PLACE is a phrase that reminds us of what’s important. The times in the past I’ve been stuck somewhere else and longed to be here, at home. Now, albeit for awful reasons, we’re being given the opportunity. The wall hanging is made from brass and would fit into any setting. It does come with two screws and eyelets are welded to the back for wall mounting, but being three-dimensional it will also stand on a shelf.  We are also stocking the slightly smaller LOVELY. Where ever your happy place is, this will serve as an aesthetic and perhaps timely reminder.

One of our surprise ‘Lockdown best sellers’ (that’s not a real thing, by the way) have been our text and image door mats, also from Bombay Duck. The Rainbow Door Mat seems to particularly resonate with people at the moment, with the rainbow trail becoming a symbol of hope and the future, but the phrases HELLO, LOVE and HAPPY are all popular too. At a time when a lot of wish we could welcome friends into our homes, maybe the doormats add cheer to an entrance in anticipation of the happy times to come. The STAR doormat combines the colour of the rainbow image with a contemporary star that pops out: sure to add cheer to anyone crossing the threshold!

Our XO Mugs continue to be hot property, and a really popular gift choice. We’re currently awaiting new stock for the Dolly “Pour myself a cup of ambition” quote and the Prince “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life”. It’s hard to know when they’ll arrive as they come from our suppliers in the US. They are having a particularly hard time at the moment, and we send them our love and support. We still have a few Elvis, Stevie, Alice in Wonderland, Bob Marley, and Glinda the Good Witch in stock – but they’re selling fast!

We’d also like to thank you all for your support, whether buying online or checking in to the website and our Instagram and Facebook makes us feel connected to you all in these strange times, and we really appreciate that. Thanks for the messages we have received – they have been lovely and made us miss you even more. But it won’t be long and we’ll back in the shop, burning the lovely St. Eval Bay & Rosemary Candles, fussing with the displays and welcoming you all (and your dogs of course!) For those of you who live further away, thanks for continuing to support us online – you remind us of how our community has no physical limits, which is a wonderful thing to be a part of.

Stay amazing, stay safe and stay in your lovely homes!

Myles & Daniel xx

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