About us

Myles From Home is a new company, but not a new idea. We just want to sell fantastic quality, brilliantly designed home-ware items that you need, use and love on a daily basis. 

We don't sell novelty gifts, 'display' items (museum replica stuff that you find on the shelves in TK Maxx*) or whimsical tut made from organic deer fur. Just gorgeous things you'll want to use whenever you can. Most things we sell look better for a bit of use. 

And, rest assured, the prices reflect the quality. We're not saying it's cheap: there are plenty of bargain basement sites selling low quality items around, but the price we charge is the price we genuinely think it's worth. If not - we won't sell it. 

Our basic principles are:

Amazing customer relations: We got sick of mass mail outs, ubiquitous items being 'matched' to our profiles, sycophantic-fake-smile service and 0845 numbers. Call. Speak to us. Email. We'll respond personally.  We love people - we're bound to love you. 

Excellent product knowledge: All our items are 'road tested' and reviewed by one of our team or associates: if we don't use it, we won't sell it. 

Have fun and develop passion: We love our products, we love selling them to you. When we stop having fun, we'll stop what we do. We doubt this will happen anytime soon. 

*Myles himself loves this kind of crap, but has conceded it has no place in the business.