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Absinthe Fountain with Le Coq

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An absinthe fountain is the ultimate accessory for the connoisseur and considered the best way to enjoy the drink. In the high end absinthe bars, a fountain would be bought to the table to allow the guests to blend their drink to their individual preferences. Due to the fragile nature of the glass (and the probable state of being of the consumer by the end of the evening!) few originals remain. These fountains have been hand-made, with hand blown glass, to create as authentic an experience as possible.

To use: Fill the fountain with fresh water and ice, and fill each glass with an ounce of absinthe. Put an absinthe spoon with a sugar cube (or two) on the rim of the glass and place it under the tap, then turn it on and allow it to drip slowly into the glass. The cold sugar water slowly blends with the spirit, releasing the oils and scenting the air with the aroma of fennel, grand wormwood and anise. The drink will turn milky white as the sugar water blends with the anise, until your preferred ratio is reached. 

This particular model is a reproduction of a vintage 19th century Belle Époque absinthe fountain. The lid features a rooster (France's national symbol), which is famous for being used on top of the extremely rare antique absinthe fountains used to promote Absinthe Terminus (a popular 19th century French absinthe). An alternative finial is also included: the traditional pineapple topper -  the fruit being the French symbol for hospitality and friendship.

This is the perfect gift for an absinthe lover or a drinks aficionado, and someone who likes quirky objects for styling their home!  

This model has 4 taps. 


Instructions, history of absinthe and FAQs included | 4 Taps (for 1 to 4 glasses) | Measures 52.7(H) cm tall (with lid) | Allows approximately 22.2 cm under spouts for glasses | Metallic plating over brass | Mouth-Blown, clear glass bowl | Glass bowl holds approximately 2.1 litres of water | Simple assembly required.