Cafe Paris Pyrogen (Match Striker) -
Cafe Paris Pyrogen (Match Striker) -
Cafe Paris Pyrogen (Match Striker) -

Cafe Paris Pyrogen (Match Striker)

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We completely fell in love with these French match strikers the moment we saw them! They awake the inner struggling artist in us, a past life where we smoked Gauloises and drank Absinthe before lopping off an ear and churning out another painting.

Each design is made in porcelain and has a rough edge incorporated into the design for striking matches. Please note: this product will not work with safety matches, and needs “strike anywhere” matches.

Sold as part of our new Absinthe accessory range, you don't have to down shots to use them - they are so beautiful and provide a lovely addition to your coffee table or kitchen shelf for lighting candles or log fires. So much more aesthetic than a plastic lighter! 

Hand painted with line accents, the Cafe Paris option measures 8.6(H) x 8.9(diameter) cm.

We have them in four designs: the Cafe Paris shown here, the LabatMalette Liqueur and the Dicharry.

And... each one is sent with a box of standard length strike anywhere matches to get you started!