Gingko Sugar & Spice Spoon -
Gingko Sugar & Spice Spoon -

Gingko Sugar & Spice Spoon

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This appealingly aesthetic gingko leaf spoon will add a touch more sophistication to your table top. Use it for sugar or conserves, spices or condiments. Its organic curves echo that of a genuine Gingko leaf - a symbol of longevity and endurance in Eastern culture (Gingko trees can live for over a thousand years and four survived the Hiroshima blast and are still growing today).

We love a piece that has a story to tell, and hand-made products always have that element of life to them a machine produced piece just can't replicate. Each one will be slightly different to the next, and in buying them the artisan crafts-people who produce them are also being supported, which we think is a total win-win! We fell instantly in love with these, and we know you will too!

Made in India | Measures 10(L) x 3.5(W) x 1(D) cm