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Jadeite Glass Mixing Bowl / Jug - mylesfromhome.co.uk
Jadeite Glass Mixing Bowl / Jug - mylesfromhome.co.uk

Jadeite Glass Mixing Bowl / Jug

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This wonderful jadeite mixing jug is perfect for whisking up your pancake batter, with a handle and spout making the job of pouring it into a pan a breeze! The bowl is pressed glass, making it sturdy enough to withstand a good beating with a whisk or wooden soon, and is so beautiful you won't have to find cupboard space to store it - you'll want to leave it on display to admire everyday! Complete the American Diner experience with the Sugar Shaker to coat your pancakes! 

Measurements: 24(H) x 19(W) x 10(D) cm

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The whole Jadeite range is made of glass* and is dishwasher safe. 
*The Sugar Shaker has a steel lid. 


Backstory: On a holiday in Cape Cod a couple of years ago, we found a homeware and kitchen shop. We visited a few times, and each time Myles was drawn to a jadeite salt cellar. Not sure how he would convince Daniel of the necessity to own the piece (we were not in the market for a salt cellar at that time), he tried to resist. On the last day however, he knew it was a "now or never" moment and appealed to Daniel's holiday spirit to allow him to get one. It worked, and the salt cellar had a new home, loved and admired and used more often than is healthy in our London kitchen. Sadly, the lid got broken. It was lockdown, so even if the budget allowed we couldn't execute our first plan of returning to Cape Cod to get another, so we opted for plan B: source the products, import them and make them available to our lovely customers so they can share in the joy of Jadeite!


We are now the only UK retailers of this range - and you won't be surprised to know we have a few more jadeite products dotted around our kitchen!