Vintage Stone Idli Plates -
Vintage Stone Idli Plates -
Vintage Stone Idli Plates -

Vintage Stone Idli Plates

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Aren't they lovely? These antique stone Idli plates were originally used to make Idlis, a breakfast cake from South India which are made by steaming a batter of fermented black lentils and rice. (We didn't know any of that before we bought them, by the way - we just loved them as a beautiful object!) Idli's are meant to be really good for you, and we certainly intend to give it a go one day when we can have friends over again to cook for!

We're not recommending these vintage pieces be used in food preparation... however, they make a superbly unique egg holder, and could be used in multiple ways around the kitchen. We are also going to use ours for tea lights as a centre piece on a dinner table - nice and low so it doesn't obstruct everyones faces! 

Being made of stone they are quite heavy (between 1.5 - 2kg). They vary in size slightly, but are around 20cm in diameter approximately 3cms deep. 

The Vintage Stone Idli Pates are everything we love - multi functional, a talking point and beautifully aesthetic - you can see why we had to have them!

How will you use yours...?