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Tweedmill Random All Wool Picnic Rug 40% OFF!

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The range of throws from Tweedmill Textiles represent wonderful quality and will be sure to add a touch of luxury to the surroundings you use them in. In all honesty, I'm a bit of throw addict: we have two on the sofa, one on each arm chair - I have them draped over dining chairs and always have a couple on the spare bed for guests to use as they see fit. The other wonderful thing is that you can be really adventurous with colour without committing to something as long lasting as paint, wallpaper or a new sofa.

These Random All Wool Picnic rugs measure 120  x 150. They're not as soft as their more pricey cousins, but are robust and versatile and look just as beautiful. 

As the title suggests, they are random, but do write any colour requests in the comments section of your order form and of course we'll do our best to accommodate. we can always email you over a picture of a few examples to choose from. 

We have a couple of these for each of Dogs (which, as anyone who knows us will attest: if they're good enough for our dogs, they're good enough for royalty!) They certainly make their beds look cosy and a little bit special, and when needed we shove the rugs on a cold wash with no problems. Though always read the label. Never trust me with laundry instructions. I'm just saying, it's what we do.