Vintage Style Fern Leaf Vase -
Vintage Style Fern Leaf Vase -

Vintage Style Fern Leaf Vase

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There is something about this Fern Leaf Vase that makes me instantly nostalgic. I'm not sure if a Grandparent had something similar when I was a child, but some items are just like that: they have a story to tell and make you feel instantly connected to them. Maybe it's the fact it uses such a clear reference from nature, or the slightly faded sage green glaze that puts me in mind of Beryl china from the church halls of my youth-club past, but whatever its charm, I fell for it instantly!

For a modern piece it will look like it's been in your family for generations. Due to the design being more aesthetic than practical, it is not recommended this is used as a practical jug, but it will hold a spring posy, or look equally splendid when used purely for ornamental purposes. 

Measurements: 14.3(H) x 10(W) x 13.2(D) cm | Made from Dolomite